Cosmetic Family Dentistry

When it comes to the health and beauty of your smile, you deserve the best care available. That’s why Dr. Hesam Khodaei and his team here at A Reason to Smile Dentistry are committed to providing dental services that combine quality and convenience to create an ideal patient experience. Whether you’re in need of treatment for you and all your loved ones, dazzling cosmetic work, or even same-day restorations, we’ll work hard to not only meet, but exceed your expectations. Contact our Fairview Mall Ave office if you have any questions, or if you’d like to schedule your first appointment.

WELCOME TO A Reason To Smile Dentistry

At the Artsdentist Centre, our doctors performs cosmetic, restorative, and implant dentistry. Treatments are comprehensive, and personalized to meet the special needs of each patient. our doctors and their assistants offer a unique brand of modern dentistry, with state-of-the-art technology, and the latest advancements in cosmetic treatments. The team continues to be at the forefront of modern dentistry, assuring every patient of the highest standard of health care. Our dental office proudly serves the Markham, Northyork, Scarborow and Richmond Hill areas offering general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and family dentistry. For the health care team at Our Dental Centre, every patient is considered unique, each with specific dental needs and each with personal service needs. The clinic provides a wide range of dental services - everything from routine dental visits and teeth whitening, to dental implants and dentures. We also performs root canal treatment, as well as full mouth reconstruction. With a focus on family and cosmetic dentistry, patient education is also a high priority at our dentist office in Fairver Ave. Many patients discover a distinct difference at the Our Dental Centre. Our dentists in here are dedicated to the health and quality of your dental needs. The atmosphere is relaxing and the clinic environment is “spa-inspired” - it’s designed to make for a soothing visit and a comfortable experience for adults and children alike. Patients can even lay back, relax, and watch their favourite shows and programs on a ceiling-mounted flat screen. Best of all, where they can spend their time being totally carefree. our doctors patient testimonials show his care & expertise when it comes to family dental care services. For patients who tend to be anxious about dental procedures, and who might be apprehensive in a clinic environment, Our Doctors offers several options for sedation – it’s an effective way to offset minor pain or discomfort, while relaxing a patient during a procedure. In all cases, the clinic team monitors each patient carefully. And while these sedatives are mild and short lasting, it’s highly recommended that someone accompany the patient on the way home. Whether it’s a routine dental checkup, or a more involved dental procedure, patients at our Woodbridge dental office can feel confident that the clinic team will answer questions and address concerns. The staff is at the service of the patient - welcoming and approachable, and above all, knowledgeable about the services, procedures, and treatments that are available. In short, the team at the Mackenzie Dental Centre is passionate about dentistry – competent and experienced in everything they do. Book an appointment at Artsdentist dental clinic today!


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