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We are committed to your oral health.

A Reason To Smile Dentistry is located  in 5 fairview mall drive , North York .  A progressive dental clinic located near  Fairview Mall in North York that works to expand the boundaries of excellence in  dentistry and customer service. We always take the time to offer you comprehensive  care and are flexible to your family’s lifestyle .A Reason to Smile Dentistry introduces Various Dental Services to the People of North York.  The credit for this goes to the quality service that is offered by the most efficient team in  North York dentists and other staff at the clinic. There are a wide range of services that are offered at the North York Dental Clinic including  General dental services, cosmetic dentistry,Family dentistry, Kids dentistry, tooth removal,wisdom tooth surgery, root canal treatment, Ortho( invisalign and Braces),Bonding and Veneers,   Implant , dentures, crowns and bridges, tooth whitening,emergency services, Digital Imaging, Panoramic x-ray, Wand , Laughing gas and etc. Dr. Hesam Khodaei  and Dr. Siranush Kani have over 25 years of rich experience and also, they have participated in a number of extensive education courses throughout their  career. Over the years they have become the most popular Family Dentist in North York because of their own and their team efforts, which includes Three dental hygienist, two dental assistants, front desk receptionist, and one administrator. The efforts of all the individuals have gone into the making of this best dental office North York.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the high quality of dental care with the finest dental treatment modality for achieving the best result for you and provide satisfaction in your dental need..


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If you are looking for a dentist in North York , contact A REASON TO SMILE DENTISTRY for all of your oral health and dental hygiene needs. Our dental clinic is located just north of the Downsview Subway Station.

(416) 499-9994

Artsdentist is offering all post-secondary students up to 30% off of general and cosmetic dentistry services!*

Artsdentist firmly believes that good dental health should last a lifetime. For college and university students, we understand the many new financial challenges you face at this stage in your life, such as rent, tuition and books. We care about your lifelong dental and overall health, and want to invest in your regular dental visits. This is why Altima Dental Centres are pleased to offer all post-secondary students up to 30% off of general and cosmetic dentistry services. Now you can take care of your college or university expenses, enjoy your social life and dazzle your friends with an A+ smile! Simply contact your nearest Altima Dental Centre to book your dental appointment and ask us to send you “Back to School with a Smile”! Please bring your current post-secondary ID to every appointment.

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A Reason to Smile Dentistry

Couples Experientialâ„¢ Step in to Future Smile practice to experience the very best in high quality private dental care. Our private dental practice situated in Islington has been designed with patient care and comfort in mind to ensure your dental experience is a pleasure. Our team has trained amongst some of the world's leading cosmetic dentists to ensure that her patients can benefit from a level of dentistry that is nothing short of perfection. Regular check-ups and visits to our hygienist are key to our preventative plan to help keep your teeth and gums healthy for a strong foundation. We cover all aspects of general dentistry using the finest materials and the latest technology. Your complete comfort is an integral part of your visit to our dental surgery. We provide a host of services designed to make each of your appointments as pleasant and relaxing as possible. Visit our modern dental practice in Islington and enjoy a latte while we introduce you to the benefits of Fruture Smile Surgery. Welcome to a refreshing approach, welcome to Future Smile Surgery...

Why Choose Us?

At Artsdentis, we make it a priority to provide a positive experience for all our patients. Our Waterdown location has been uniquely designed to create a friendly and relaxing environment. Our staff understands that a trip to the dentist can leave patients feeling anxious, and your comfort is our top concern. Our dentist, Dr. Sapandip Chandi, is very skilled and compassionate, especially with children, having three of her own. In addition to providing great dental care, we are also firmly committed to building up a great community through our dedication and sponsorship to events like the annual Artsfest.
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Advanced dental techniques

Our skilled staff are trained in the most up-to-date, advanced dental care techniques available. With us, you know that you are getting the best dental care in the industry. Whether you are looking for general dental services, cleaning, consultations or are in need of emergency dental care, we can help. Our bright, modern facility is conveniently located in the No Frills plaza in Waterdown with plenty of parking and excellent accessibility. We provide comprehensive dental care for all ages. New patients are always welcome at our office.
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T: (416) 499-9994 | A: 5 Fairview Mall Drive, Suit 350, Toronto, ON M2J 2Z1